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RADIM sells IgG (4) ELISA kits for the determination of food intolerance

The number of people who experience symptoms of intolerance after a meal increases every year.
According to experts, 30-50% of the population in industrialized countries live with obvious symptoms of food intolerance, which reduces their quality of life.
These symptoms include headache, fatigue, flatulence, diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome and other gastrointestinal and dermatological reactions.
IgG and IgG4 are very important diagnostic markers for food intolerance.
RADIM ALLERgenA specific IgG and ALLERgenA specific IgG4 kits offer the possibility to identify the cause of the reactivity with more than 300 food allergens.

Main advantage of RADIM ALLERgenA spec. IgG- and IgG4 kits
– only 2 µl serum per d determination
– calibrators validated against WHO 2-nd-standard
– quantitative determination of antibodies in IU and in sensitization classes
– high specificity, low variability of the assay
– high sensitivity – from 0.15 IU/ml for IgG / from 10 IU/ml for IgG4
– Combine methods for complex investigations:
specific IgG, specific IgG4, specific IgE
and Total-IgE in the same run