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Eosinophil Cationic protein (ECP)

Enzymimmunoassay for the quantitative determination of human ECP in human serum and urine

Eosinophil Cationic protein (ECP), Eosinophil derived neurotoxin (EDN) and Major Basic Protein (MBP) are the main protein mediators released by activated eosinophils.

Activated eosinophilic cells play an important role late in the course of an asthma attack and in the inflammatory respiratory response caused by asthma. Because ECP is released by activated eosinophilic cells, it is considered a marker for activating and degranulating eosinophilic cells.

This kit allows a specific measurement of ECP with high sensitivity by ELISA technology.

The ECP kit measures human ECP using sandwich ELISA technology. This ELISA detects human ECP with a lower limit of 0.125 ng/ml and shows no cross-reactions to EDN. Samples and calibrators to be measured are incubated in wells coated with anti-human ECP (monoclonal). After washing, an anti-human-ECP antibody (polyclonal), coupled with peroxidase, is added and incubated. After renewed washing, the peroxidase substrate is mixed with chromogen and incubated. An acid solution is then placed in all wells to end the enzyme reaction and stabilize the developed color. The optical density (OD) of each well is then measured at 450 nm using a microtiter plate reader. The concentration of ECP is read from an calibration curve based on reference standards.

Content and components: ECP kit for 96 tests

ECP microtiter plate:
1 microtiter plate with 96 individually breakable wells (8-well x 12 strips), coated with anti-human-ECP antibodies. Store unused strips well sealed in the aluminium pack at 2-8°C.
6 vials (1.3 ml) with ECP. Preservatives: 0.09% NaN3. Goat serum (1%). Ready to use. The concentration of the calibrators is batch-specific and indicated on each vial label.
Assay thinner:
1 vial (20 ml), serum matrix. Preservatives: 0.09% NaN3. Goat serum (1%). Ready to use.
Positive control:
1 vial (1.3 ml) with ECP. Preservatives: 0.09% NaN3. Goat serum (1%). 5x concentrated.
Negative control:
1 vial (1.3 ml). Preservatives: 0.09% NaN3. Goat serum (1%). 5x concentrated.
Enzyme conjugate:
1 vial (15 ml) Anti-Human ECP (polyclonal), coupled with horseradish peroxidase, with 1% BSA. Ready to use.
Washing liquid:
1 vial (100 ml) 10x concentrated solution.
Substrate buffers:
1 vial (20 ml) TMB/H2O2. Ready to use.
Stopping Liquid:
1 vial (20 ml) 0.5 mol/l H2SO4. Ready to use.