RADIM Ihr Spezialist für In-vitro-Diagnostik (IVD)

RADIM – Your Specialist for In-vitro-Diagnostics (IVD)

RADIM is known as one of the leading manufacturers of ELISA kits. The company’s products include in vitro diagnostic systems and reagents for detecting allergies to detect viral infections, diagnose immune system disorders and measure human hormone responses. Diagnosing the genetic predisposition to multifactorial diseases is our new direction of research and production.

Special attention is paid to the quality of all processes, including research, manufacturing, sales and marketing, which is confirmed by DIN-ISO certificates. In addition, in 2010, the entire group of companies, which also includes RADIM Deutschland GmbH, was certified as ISO 13485:2016. The ISO 13485: 2016 standard specifies requirements for a quality management system under which a company must demonstrate its ability to provide medical devices and related services that meet customer requirements and the regulatory requirements for medical devices and related services.

Automated production with state-of-the-art equipment and an extra department for biological and technological control allows us to guarantee our customers the production of high quality kits.
The main secret of the success of the group is the high level of attention to the needs of our customers and the adherence to international quality standards through continuous monitoring of the processes.

IVD-Developing and -automation since 1980

Since our inception in 1980, we have alwaysput focus to the in-house research and expertise, based on the different qualifications and competencies of our employees, in order to achieve the best results. 30% of our employees are dedicated to the company’s own research and development of new technologies, new tests and a highly developed random access system. The development of our diagnostic tests begins with research into the raw material and cell cultures for the production of monoclonal antibodies, native and recombinant antigens. By using various biochemical methods, the antigens, antibodies and allergens are purified for binding, marking and coating. In company planning, these activities are extremely important for the development of new diagnostic possibilities.

Spread over 10 main product lines, more than 250 different diagnostic tests are produced. Antibodies and antigens are bound to different solid phases, including magnetic particles, microtiter plates and tubes. In this way, specific reagents are prepared for each analyte.

Our fully automated laboratory equipment is produced at our plant in Calenzano (Florence). After the development of hardware and software and careful validation of the prototype, the components are assembled in production and checked for test processing and electronic functionality.

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