RADIM Ihr Spezialist für In-vitro-Diagnostik (IVD)

Various in vitro diagnostics on ELISA technology

RADIM offers a wide range of in vitro diagnostics based on ELISA technology.
They are used for the detection and quantification of biomarkers in human blood serum, blood plasma and urine.
Allergen-specific IgE circulate in the blood of allergic patients suffering e.g. from hay fever, atopic eczema or asthma. In combination with other clinical data, the determination of allergen-specific IgE is a valuable tool for the correct detection of the substance responsible for an allergy.

Over 700 biotinylated allergens (ready for use) for manual or fully automated analysis with RADIM ELISA kits

RADIM has been offering you over 700 biotinylated single allergens, allergen components and allergen mixes since mid-2018. Our product range is constantly being supplemented and expanded. We offer you a convenient overview and search for specific allergens.

Characteristics of biotinylated allergens:

  • The allergens are liquid and purified.
  • Each bottle is sufficient for 26 provisions.
  • An individual allergen panel can be put together for each patient.
  • With a storage of + 2… + 8 °C, the shelf life is 18 months.

Benefit of RADIM ELISA IVD kits

All RADIM ELISA IVD kits are made with unadulterated and pure reagents in accordance with strict internal quality control procedures.

All assays are IVD-compliant for the European market and are therefore suitable for direct diagnosis. The kits contain all required components and the standard 96-well plate format in appropriate quantity. The high specificity of the tests and sensitivity parameters allow consistently accurate results and guarantee a high reproducibility.

Mostly short incubation periods of < 60 minutes

ELISA tests are based on immunological antigen-antibody reactions, which in most cases occur in < 60 minutes. For maximum efficiency, incubations of RADIM ELISA kits are usually performed with shaking for uniform mixing at + 37 °C.

Characteristics of RADIM ELISA kits

RADIM ELISA kits come as a 96 well microtiter plate with divisible microtiter strips that allow partial application. With a storage of + 2 to + 8 °C, the ELISA kits are 12 months durable (With the exception of the 18-month shelf life of the Specific IgE kits).
Manual or automated
Number of tests:
96 (12 breakable stripes in 8 rows) / 192 / 480 / 960
12 months at + 2… + 8 °C, also open
18 months for specific IgE kit