RADIM Ihr Spezialist für In-vitro-Diagnostik (IVD)

Fully automated and highly efficient In vitro immunodiagnostics

For more result with less effort

In healthcare, the demands on quality and quantity of sample examinations and diagnoses are steadily increasing. This also includes the number of diagnostic samples in laboratories. In line with the RADIM IVD reagents, we are offering instruments for fully automated sample diagnostics since 15 years. Our instruments have proven their worth in daily use for years and are the solution for increasing throughput while improving quality. We also offer a comprehensive service for a smooth workflow in your lab operations.

Economic benefits to you

Despite the cost of new purchases, the advantages of using state-of-the-art automation speak for themselves:
More precise diagnostics and faster test results come first. Add to this an increase in efficiency with equal personnel costs by reducing manual effort and often lower energy consumption that lowers the total cost per diagnosis. In the long term, not only the best treatment results, but also sustainable economic management can be guaranteed.

Buy, lease or financing

Different financing models can be of economic benefit to practices and clinics. You can choose from rental purchase, leasing or credit financing. Contact us and we will work together to determine the best solution for you.

Rental purchase

The rental purchase provides for fixed monthly installments, with the device moving into the buyer’s property with payment of the last rental purchase rate at the end of the term. This purchase is equated in the tax sense of a purchase on installments. The difference to leasing is ownership, as the rental property is already the property of the buyer in the case of the first installment payment, while in the case of leasing, the property remains with the lessor for the entire term.
A rental purchase has a balance sheet effect, because assets purchased by rental purchase must be accounted for directly, and the sales tax on the total cost claim is payable in one sum before the cash payment of the rental item.
In addition to the pure equipment costs, maintenance and sales tax can also be included in the agreed installments.


In the case of the lease, the lessor takes over the complete financing of a new device. The lab/practice does not pay for the equipment itself, but the monthly leasing rate. In doing so, customer service and warranty will be fully maintained. At the end of the lease period, there is the option to exchange for a newer or larger laboratory device.
In summary, when leasing, the medical device is possible:
  • To buy
  • Continue to use after the contract expires
  • Returning and/or
  • to lease a new one
There are different contracts for leasing, such as a linear, progressive or degressive lease.

Credit Financing

Credit financing is another alternative to buying a rental or leasing. Over an agreed term, the interest rate remains fixed. Potential VAT increases are not reflected in an adjustment of the rate.

Individual programming

Our devices are shipped, set up and tested on site with installed software on current computer hardware. The software is tailored to RADIM IVD-kits and reagents and is ready for use.
In addition, we offer laboratories the programming of individual test processes for your lab requirements. The following functions can be individually controlled and retrieved by the software:
  • Time-Management-System (T.M.S.)
  • Pipetting movements via samples and reagents
  • Pipetting volume (10-300 μl in 1 μl steps)
  • Reaction and movement times (rest and shaking max. 1300 rpm)
  • Incubation temperature and duration up to max. 40 ºC (+/-0.5 ºC)
  • reagent cooling (standard 12ºC)
  • Washing (duration, quantity, frequency, up to 4 washing liquids onboard)
  • Data transfer/connection to central-IT via ASTM protocol


Our customers, their employees and users are trained in the use of diagnostic products equipment and supported during their entire life. The courses take place in the technical centers of each company of the Radim Group or on request directly at your place. An experienced team of technicians is available for this purpose, with customised programs that include both, theoretical training and practical exercises.

Technical service

A highly qualified team takes care of the daily laboratory trouble-shooting by offering technical and scientific support. Our highly qualified service technicians are immediately available both nationally and internationally to resolve any equipment issue.
Our efficient team of field specialists is able to identify any type of technical or user-specific problem and, if necessary, solve them directly on site.